Experiments with uvm_event

Here , sharing some experiment with uvm_event.

UVM 1.2 provides uvm_event as parameterized class. So I tried passing integer values by uvm_event , but it is not working with IUS. compilation error is coming from uvm library.


virtual function void trigger (T data=null);
ncelab: *E,TYCMPAT (/playground_lib/uvm-1.2/src/base/uvm_event.svh,300|42): assignment operator type check failed (expecting datatype compatible with ‘string’ but found ‘null’ instead), detected while elaborating ‘class uvm_pkg::uvm_event#(.T(string))’ from ‘./testbench.sv’ line 17.


After researching and asking to accellera , I found that with IUS this feature is not supported . You can not pass any other class type also.

You can not run uvm_event with passing any other type then uvm_object with IUS simulator.



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