Differance of FPGA and ASIC verification

 FPGA and ASIC functional verification differ majorly due to one part. It is due to its configuartion.

ASIC configuration is done using register programming after reset and FPGA configuration is done using parameters. parameters needs to be passed at elaboration time. So cofiguration can not be done at run time for FPGA.So , ASIC like register programming sequence will not work for FPGA. So , different approches of configuration can be used for it.

1.  Use of script to randomize parameters before compilation and elaboration of design .

2. Generate design with different parameter and use design parameters in Verification environment for simulation.

First method is useful when you want to randomize parameters of design.

Second method is useful when you have design with parameters ready. In this method script will extract parameters of design and set those parameters to Verification environment.

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